Monday, 07 October 2013

7:30 AM Registration and Poster Setup
8:30 AM Opening Remarks
Session 1 Chair: Andrew Lorenc Methodology (Link to webinar recording)
9:00 AM Mike Fisher 1.1 - Invited Talk: Methodology
9:30 AM Gerald Desroziers 1.2 - 4D-En-Var: link with weak-constraint 4D-Var and different possible implementations abstract
9:45 AM Chengsi Liu 1.3 - A Unified Framework for Four-Dimensional Ensemble-Variational Hybrid Data Assimilation abstract
10:00 AM Milija Zupanski 1.4 - A Hybrid Variational-Ensemble Data Assimilation Method with an Implicit Optimal Hessian Preconditioning abstract
10:15 AM Coffee Break & Poster Session (A,B,C,H)
Session 2 Chair: Andrew Lorenc Methodology (Link to webinar recording)
11:15 AM James Purser 2.1 - A New Observation Error Probability Model for Nonlinear Variational Quality Control and Applications within NCEP Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation abstract
11:30 AM Sammy Metref 2.2 - Non-Gaussian Ensemble Data Assimilation using a Deterministic Approach abstract
11:45 AM Peter Jan van Leeuwen 2.3 - Particle Filters for Numerical Weather Forecasting abstract
12:00 PM Jeff Anderson 2.4 - Invited Talk: Highly-Scalable Algorithms for Ensemble Data Assimilation abstract
12:30 PM Lunch Break
Session 3 Chair: Andrew Lorenc Methodology (Link to webinar recording)
1:30 PM Magnus Lindskog 3.1 - Handling of Position Errors in Variational and Hybrid Ensemble/Variational Data Assimilation Using Image Registration abstract
1:45 PM Francois-Xavier Le Dimet 3.2 - Posterior Covariance and Analysis Error Covariance in Variational Data Assimilation abstract
2:00 PM Christian Keppenne 3.3 - Ensemble Data Assimilation without Ensembles with Application to Ocean Data Assimilation abstract
2:15 PM Marc Bocquet 3.4 - An Iterative Ensemble Kalman Smoother abstract
2:30 PM John Harlim 3.5 - The role of additive and multiplicative noise in filtering complex dynamical systems abstract
2:45 PM Brief Recess
Session 4 Chair: Roger Saunders Combined: Methodology & Constituent DA (Link to webinar recording)
3:00 PM Lili Lei 4.1 - Validation of a new algorithm for empirical localization of observations for ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation in global atmospheric models abstract
3:15 PM Bruce Ingleby 4.2 - Operational Assimilation of Dust Optical Depth abstract
3:30 PM Richard Menard 4.3 - Comparison of EnsKF and 4DVar chemical dataassimilation with the BASCOE system abstract
4:00 PM End
5:30 PM Ice Breaker at Greenbelt Marriott